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Click to see Election Notice

Click to see Notice to Cut Weeds 2017

Click to see the Notice of Public Accuracy Test 2017

Click to see the Ballot for the May 2, 3028 Election.  Constantine will vote on the bonding proposition and White Pigeon will vote on the Sinking Fund Proposition.

Change in April Regular Township Board Meeting due to MTA Convention


Electronic Bill Pay is up and Running.  Go to Pay Bills for Sewer, Assessments, and Taxes Page.

Check Links page for list of sites for geneological research.

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Planning Commission Hearing and Meeting Rezoning Request

Drain Commission Notice and Explanation

Results of the Drain Commission Hearing

Wetlands Meeting Notice... Click Here

Click here to see Amendments to 2-1-04 Sewer Ordinance

 Click to See May 2015 Newsletter

Election Notice.  Precincts have been changed.  See the MAP to see where you vote.


Help Keep Sewer Rates From Increasing  Please do not put baby wipes and feminine sanitary products into the sewer.  They cause problems because the grinders to not break them down.


Click Here to See Information About Lower Cost Dental Service Available in Cass Countythis service is for all children living in Cass County REGARDLESS of the School District The Child Attends.

Sewer Ordinance change Click Here

Click Here to See important News About Sewer Bills

Click here to see how the Parks and Recreation Ordinance has changed

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Construction  Progress anywhere in the state MiDrive  or you can do a Google search and enter MiDrive.

Drug Watch features up to date information on drug side effects, prescription and over-the-counter medications. 

Addiction Library is a compilation of information about drugs, their uses, side effects and treatment for addiction to that drug.

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