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The Sewer Board meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Administrative Building.  We are in need of an alternate member who is able to attend the meetings regularly.  If you are interested, please send in a resume of drop one off at the Township Hall.

  • Chair          Carl Klappauf
  • Secretary    John Penkala
  • Vice Chair   David Nagy
  • Members    Roery MacLean
  •                    Jeff Moore
  •                    Leard Wylie
  • Alternate     Ross Molho
  • Important Announcement About Sewer Bills
  • Sewer District Maps are Available for click the one you wish to see
  •            Birch
  •            Shavehead
  •            Baldwin, Long, Indiana and Coverdale
  •            Union
  • You can help to keep the sewer rates from increasing by not putting baby  and feminine sanitary products into the sewer.  They cause problems because the grinders can not break them up.

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 Minutes prior to 2017 can be seen in the clerk's office.